More on Wheelie Bins

As the temperature of the wheelie bin debate hots up all over the borough, the Brentham Society is working to persuade the council that our Garden Suburb is a very special case, and should be exempt from any move to impose bins for rubbish and recycling.

Wheelies in Fowlers

What it might look like in Fowlers Walk

The two large bins being proposed would spoil the appearance of any garden, whether back or front. But in Brentham, a large number of houses have no easy access to the rear gardens, and in these cases the bins would be on display in the front gardens all along the street.

The estate has been awarded conservation status both because of its distinctive architecture and the unique appeal of its gardens and street views. The Brentham Society believes wheelie bins would have a severely damaging effect on those precious views.

Chairman Richard Costella’s recent letter to the Ealing Gazette spelled out our reasons for opposing the scheme, and at a recent Hangar Hill Ward Forum, members of the Brentham Society spoke out against the plans.

The last time that wheelie bins were proposed for this area, a consultation showed that most people were opposed to them. This time there was no consultation.

On Wednesday 8th July, one of Councillor Bassam Mahfouz’s colleagues will walk around the area with Brentham Society Committee members and see for himself the effect the scheme would have on the gardens of Brentham.

The next day, on the 9th July, a Council Scrutiny Panel will examine the council’s decision to approve the plans. A member of the Brentham Society Committee will attend to put forward our case.

At the full council meeting on 28th July, councillors will debate the recent e-petition that expressed borough-wide opposition to the scheme.

The Council has published a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) with answers.

We know most Brentham residents feel strongly on this matter and we will report on developments following the meetings on the 8th and 9th July but in the meantime please continue to make your views known.

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7 Responses to More on Wheelie Bins

  1. Jennifer White says:

    I’ve just responded to the Council’s letter received today and requested to share a black rubbish bin with my neighbour. Alas there is no option to request a smaller size blue recycling bin on the form – I thought this was going to be on offer…..

  2. Absolutely right about it Brian Sharp. I don’t think we should exaggerate the situation here by inventing a new system and eventually paying more money for no improvement…

  3. Brian Fallon says:

    Has anyone in the Brentham Society thought of contacting Prince Charles who is known to be sympathetic to conservation? He wrote the Foreword to Aileen Reids book and may be willing to help us deal with this present threat. If he does show interest we must give it media publicity. We need all the help we can get and we are running out of time.

  4. Brian Fallon says:

    To the Chairman and committee of the Brentham Society and residents of the Brentham Conservation area.

    From Brian Fallon
    founder member of the Brentham Society,
    twice Chairman and 21 years a committee member.

    Our much loved and cared-for home environment is on the brink of disaster. A disaster greater than pre- article 4 when double- glazing companies mounted a concerted attack on Brentham. At that time many residents fell for their wares. This was pre-art 4 and people could do what they liked with their houses. It has taken over 30 years for the damage to be undone and it WAS undone by house owners themselves realising the harm that had been done to their properties either by themselves or by their predecessors and there was by this time an awareness of the fine qualities of Brentham. Brentham is arguably the best Conservation area in the borough and the Brentham Society and residents are doing Ealing’s work for them. We take care of our homes and our environment, and Ealing should be grateful . Why are they the architects of this impending disaster ?

    The arbitrary imposition of wheelie-bins against our will, will not be self correcting over time (as it was with the windows) because it will have been imposed on us by the very people who should be grateful for the care we take of our environment ie the Council.

    Can I remind you of three things;
    1.From the Brentham Society Articles of Association – “ The Brentham Society exists to protect the unique architectural and social integrity of the estate, enhance the depth of knowledge and interest in the Estate’s history and to promote events for all ages to enjoy”.
    2.From the February 2016 edition of the Brentham News, “ The majority of houses on the state are members, meaning that we have good standing with the Council when making representations and planning and other matters.”
    3.Extract from the London Borough of Ealing Constitution regarding the duties of Councils.

    Councillors represent the interests of their Wards and their individual constituents – listening to the needs of local people and taking their views into account when considering the policy proposals and decision making. Contribute to open government and Democracy. Making constituents aware of their rights. Championing the interests of the community and quality of life in the community.

    Considering all of the above, how do we find ourselves in the position where we are forced to accept something that none of us wants and which, on the visible evidence of other areas with wheelie bins, would be deleterious to our environment? As everyone knows, good standards engender other good standards and an untidy, scruffy environment , as with wheelie bins, will result in an increasingly scruffy environment. Wheelie bins are their own detritus.

    I posed the question “ How do we find ourselves in the position where we are forced to accept something that none of us wants ?” Has the Brentham Society has lost sight of its origins and not made a sufficiently robust case against wheelie bins? Has it represented the views of the people who do not want wheelie bins? I detect an unhealthy acceptance of anything that emanates from the Council. It is on record that a councillor in a meeting on the subject said “ The Brentham Estate will have wheelie bins whether it likes them or not “. This is an undemocratic diktat which needs to be challenged. In the Constitution of the London Borough of Ealing there are a number of remedies for dictatorial comments of this kind made by councillors who seem not to be aware of the limitations to their authority, and who do not appreciate their obligations to the community.
    a) Article 6 . The Scrutiny Committee – to hold an officer to account.

    b) Article 9. Standards Committee – ( Conduct of Councillors and co-opted members).

    c) Article 12. Ensuring financial prudence in decision-making.

    Given that the arrival of wheelie bins has the potential to ruin our environment we should not shy away from invoking any or all of the above remedies. Why has this undemocratic dictatorial statement gone unchallenged ?

    If common sense fails we must take DECISIVE action to protect our environment. An effective remedy would be for the Brentham Society to send a pro-forma letter to each resident asking them to instruct their banks to suspend their direct debit payments of council tax. Note carefully – suspend not cancel! The council should of course be informed of the intention to do this and it should be made clear that there is no intention of cancelling payment- but withholding it until the wheelie bins are taken away or the plan to deliver them is cancelled. An undertaking should be given that when this has happened ( but not before) all suspended payments will be paid retrospectively.

    This course of action will require a degree of determination, commitment and resolution probably unprecedented in the history of Brentham. We would defend our action by pointing out that the council has failed in acknowledging the wishes of this constituency and has behaved in an arbitrary manner and has trampled on the sacred ground of our hard-won democracy. The Brentham Society should also inform local and national media. There will undoubtedly be wide interest in our action and any autocratically inclined councils across the country will take note. Some faint-hearts may say “ If we withhold council tax the council will withhold refuse collection”. I have a number of suggestions to overcome such an event but it is most unlikely to be necessary. The Refuse Committee will find themselves having to give an account to the Exchequer as to how they came to alienate a large number of residents to such an extent that they withheld payment of Council Tax. This will make history and it will work.

    Brian Fallon 3/02/2016

  5. Janet Price says:

    Ask for smaller ones, they are the size of the old ash cans with the tin lids. They are big enough for most peoples’ needs

  6. Janet Price says:

    None of my business really I don’t live there, but I have a similarly pretty road and am going to get people to ask for the smaller size of bins which will be easier to hide, being no bigger than the old ash cans.
    Most of them are old and live alone and will take all month to fill both bins!
    As you are all so chummy maybe you could share, they will give out more bins if it doesn’t work out.
    They already mix up the contents of the white bags and green boxes, I’ve been watching them.

  7. Brian Sharp says:

    I totally agree. I do not intend to accept such monstrosities on my property. As I get older, this will cause more problems if I am unable to get to the excellent recycling centre at Greenford. I see nothing wrong with the present system and, surely, ditching it for yet another change, beloved of these amateur politicians, must only cost more.

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