Greenredeem your recycling points!

GreenredeemAt last, we have joined the list of projects to which you can donate your recycling points! Don’t know what I am talking about? Just go to their website and read all about it. In essence, its a scheme to reward you for recycling – you can collect points every week and also earn more by doing quizzes and making pledges. Its a ruse by Ealing Council to encourage you to recycle – and the good news is that these points can now be donated to the Tower project – and the more points we get, the more money we earn. Maybe as much as £1500!

So go to the Greenredeem website and sign up – look for the box marked Advocate ID and enter CFA – this will generate yet more points for us. Tell your friends to do the same.


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8 Responses to Greenredeem your recycling points!

  1. Clive E says:

    Greenredeem Red Alert! Two other groups are gaining on us, and there are still 10 weeks to go. Please remember to log your recycling every week, feel free to earn extra points by taking quizzes, making pledges, and then DONATE, DONATE, DONATE.
    If you don’t know what I am talking about, post here and I will explain.

  2. Clive E says:

    We are still at the top of the League table, but other groups are gaining on us. With four months still to go, there is no room for complacency. Join, earn points, donate.

  3. Tim Llewellyn says:

    Thanks Clive. Great news. I have accumulated lots of points so will donate as many as I can. Cheers! Tim

  4. Mary Fear Hill says:

    I signed up for this some time back when the proposition was first mooted; presumably I don’t have to do anything further…?


  5. Simeon Gann says:

    Excellent! I’ve donated. Just need regular reminders both to claim/ear points and then to continue to donate them. We need a big push on this as I don’t think the Council will continue to participate once wheelie bins are fully rolled out…

    • Clive E says:

      This phase of the project runs until June 30th. Maybe it will be discontinued, although the Council seems very keen to increase its rate of recycling by whatever means.

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