Wheelie Bins – Decision Time

Mary with binsA leaflet explaining the current situation regarding wheelie bins is being distributed today (Saturday 16th April) to every household on the Brentham Estate (click here for a copy).

Wheelie bins PosterIf you are interested in having smaller bins than those being provided by Ealing Council you need to complete and return the cut off slip with your requirements, or better still complete the on-line form. Sorry – the deadline of 27th April has passed but you can still let us know if you are interested in smaller bins and we may be able to help. Click here

Update (June 2016) now the bins are here:

Click here for ideas on how to hide them

To order a small brown recycling bin click here

For further background see earlier posts here.

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One Response to Wheelie Bins – Decision Time

  1. David Rogers says:

    I share most peoples concerns about storage of the wheelie bins I am fortunate that I can conceal mine, however, I must say that residents have some blame in not recycling properly. Any stroll around the Estate will see bags, bins and green boxes et.al. on the pavements in spite of the fact that the Council request keeping them on the property. Torn black bags reveal a lot of waste that should be recycled and add to litter which leads to added clean up costs. The bins will at least mean that recycling improves to all our benefits. I would add that we should try and be constructive and think of ways to hide the bins. Perhaps the Society should offer a prize for the best design.

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