Green Redeem Alert!

GreenredeemPlease donate your points to the Tower Restoration Project. By doing so we could get a grant of £1,500 if we are top of the list of projects. We’ve been top of the leader board since January but other projects are catching us up and we have just dropped to second place. The scheme closes at the end of June.

Don’t know what I am talking about? Just go to their website and read all about it. In essence, its a scheme to reward you for recycling – you can collect points every week and also earn more by doing quizzes and making pledges. Its a ruse by Ealing Council to encourage you to recycle. New quizzes added in May

So go to the Greenredeem website  sign in, click on SPEND POINTS, then DONATE TO THE COMMUNITY then DONATE POINTS  to our project and tell your friends to do the same! Your points could make all the difference.

(If you haven’t already signed up then do so and enter CFA in the Advocate box – that way we’ll get more points)

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