Missing Pet – can you help?

missing_catShe’s white with ginger/tortoiseshell earsmissing_cat2 and tail.

Check your gardens and sheds.

Much loved member of the family recently moved to Brentham.

Please help us find her.

Call 020 8998 2609 or 07717 738181.

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3 Responses to Missing Pet – can you help?

  1. Alasdair Wilson says:

    I am delighted to report that we found Sophie earlier this morning. She’d been seen in the roads opposite the Duke of Kent pub & with the help of some kind people in Templewood & Cliveden Court we spotted her near a block of Garages. A distance of just under a mile from where we live.
    Many thanks to everyone in Brentham & beyond for their kind messages of help & support.

  2. Virginia Mallin says:

    Oh dear – you poor things – have you gone back to your old home to see if she has made it back there?

    • Alasdair Wilson says:

      Hello Virginia – Many thanks for your message. In all honesty we haven’t yet but that’s because it is 15 miles away & we think it very doubtful she would do that given she appeared to be settled in here especially in the lovely garden setting.
      What we think could have happened is that she’s been chased by a fox & thus lost her sense of direction to come home hence the appeal we are making for people to check their gardens & sheds.

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