Coronavirus – support network

Updated 15th January 2021

The Brentham Society is trying to ensure that any vulnerable or self-isolating resident on the estate has the necessary support they need. To that end – in tandem with the Pitshanger Community Association (PCA) we are attempting to set up a network of streets. We are aware that some “whatsapp” groups have already been set up whilst other more informal groups exist (see below for contact details).


  • Brentham Way : Vicky Snodin 07985_901_569
  • Brunner Road : Dean Horridge 07956_986_573
  • Brunswick Rod (1-5) : Martin Hickey 07805_458_041
  • Denison Road : Clive Evans 07855_725_614
  • Fowlers Walk : Liz Box 07707_899_311
  • Holyoake Walk : Holly Smallman 07722_888_053
  • Meadvale Road East : Clive Evans 07855_725_614
  • Meadvale Road West : Mandy Cuttica 07956_933_885
  • Neville Road : Martin Hickey 07805_458_041
  • North View : Rhiannon Penny 07866_057_966
  • Winscombe Crescent : Vicky Snodin 07985_901_569
  • Woodfield Crescent : Lynne Holmes 07804_596_391

Please let us know if others exist and/or if you would be willing to set one up for your street.

You will be aware that May Day celebrations have been cancelled and we now know the organisers of the annual Open Gardens Day, due to be held in June, have cancelled the event.  In addition The Brentham Club and grounds are now closed to all members and non-members but Pitshanger Park remains open.

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20 Responses to Coronavirus – support network

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  2. Ginny Lewis says:

    In light of the current lockdown we’ve started a 12 o’clock Chat List for singles (and partnered). This is a real time chance outside of online to have that extra chat at noon with anyone on the list. Useful too for those who may not have email contact. Just send a first name and tel. no. will do.

  3. Margaret Jones says:

    We live in Winscombe Crescent and are over 70. We think Martin’s red and green cards is a very good idea as Winscombe Crescent appear not to have a WhatsApp group.

  4. Martin Hickey says:

    Dear All, I have ordered a pack of red and green cards in A4 size they should be with me sometime next week. I will repost once they arrive and will arrange distribution. Everyone leaves a green card in their front window to let their neighbours know that they are OK. A red card is placed if help is needed along with a note informing what is needed. This is particularly useful for those residents who do not have access to internet or own a smart phone. Please let me know if you can help with distribution.

    • Vicky Snodin says:

      Sorry I haven’t contacted you. My daughter was ill about ten days ago so am avoiding any contact/touching anything just in case until the middle of next week.

      After that am happy to help. I saw the red/green cards idea on twitter and have already suggested it to the Brentham Society. I have started a WhatsApp group in Brentham Way but as you say many people round here don’t have a clue what it is and can’t access it. If you hear of anyone in Brentham Way who might want to join the Brentham Way group please ask them to contact me – Thanks for your hard work.

  5. Vicky Snodin says:

    I’ve started a WhatsApp Group in Brentham Way. Please contact me if anyone wants to join.

    A lot of people round here haven’t got a clue about WhatsApp but we all know each other anyway at least up the top end of Brrntham Way.

    Please let us know if anyone needs help or support.


    Vicky Snodin

  6. Liz Box says:

    Hello Alan. Thank you for being so thoughtful in these strange times. We are lucky in Fowlers Walk we all tend to look out for each other anyway. Rachael has set up a Whatsapp group and Liz has put a message through everybody’s door to offer her support with shopping. If there is anything we can do to help anywhere else please let me know. Take care of yourself too. 😊

    • Sylvia Morgan says:

      I live in 32 but didn’t get any note through the door about support. Alan did very kindly get me an invitation to WhatsApp for which I am really grateful.

  7. Niall Fox says:

    Thank you for inviting us to be included in your email check up. Have lived here for about fifty years
    Call me if there is anything I can do. I was a founder member of Ealing Samaritans forty seven years ago
    Niall fox

  8. patricia baxendale says:

    Not sure what you mean by “setting up a support group” does this refer to setting up a Whatsapp group ? Most of the more elderly residents who may need help are unlikely to access emails or whatsapp etc —although it may useful or the organisers to contact each other in this way.

    • Debbie Edwards says:

      Hi you’re quite right. Debbie from the PCA here. I think the idea is that as well as build up such electronic groups, the hope is that people in a particular group can also be alert to those in their street who need help by making contact in appropriate form. Then if the person contacted says they need help, a message gets pinged around on whatsapp/email.

  9. Pip says:

    The most excellent Martin Hickey has distributed a leaflet saying he will help his neighbours out – I don’t know how many leaflets, but certainly one end of Neville Road.

    • Martin Hickey says:

      Hi Pip, i printed 10 as I wanted to limit travelling to help my neighbours. Not sure how many will have internet access to use social media to join up. Have also seen red card green card system placed in windows to let others know that you are either OK or née assistance. We could set this up in Neville Road and elsewhere quite easily

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