Archive – Brentham in the News

The Brentham Archive holds a number of press cuttings which are slowly being digitised. Some date back to between the 1920’s and the 1960’s but most are from the 1970’s through to the current day. All have a Brentham connection, whether it be news related to the estate and its residents, the Brentham Society or residents’ letters “to the editor”.  They make fascinating reading and highlight the issues of their day. An attempt has been made here to group them for ease of reading.

History of the estate – to follow

Early days of the Brentham Society (1970-1971)

The Brentham Allotments and Council plans to build houses on the site (1972-1975)

The aftermath of The Great Storm (1988)

The loss of our Pillar Boxes (1988)

The Brentham Book – Funding and Reviews (1999 – 2004)

… more to be added