What’s in the archive?

Brentham Archive truncThe Brentham Archive is the most comprehensive collection in existence of material relating to the history and architecture of Brentham Garden Suburb. Material dates back to the founding of Brentham in 1901 by Ealing Tenants Ltd and continues to the present day. Among the considerable riches in the collection are a number of original architects’ plans and drawings, some of which are hand tinted, and several large-format photographs showing Brentham when it was being built. The Archive holds a copy of almost every house plan, as well as photographs, slides, videos and numerous publications, including those of the Brentham Institute and the Brentham Society’s Brentham News (1970-date).  Programmes and photographs from the annual May Day parade form a significant part of the collection. There is also a large number of press cuttings.

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Following the Tower Restoration Project the collection is now housed in the top room of the Brentham Tower together with a library of publications and articles.

To arrange a visit to the archive contact archive@brentham.com

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