Archive – Ealing Tenants

Ealing Tenants Ltd was set up in 1901 to build houses that members would own collectively and rent themselves, so that every man would be his neighbour’s landlord”.

Henry Vivian (seated centre), Harry C. Perry (left of and slightly behind Vivian), Hubert Brampton (front row, right of Vivian), William Hutchings (seated 2nd from left), Fred Watts (seated far right), Fred Litchfield (standing far right).

The Main Committee – Ealing Tenants Ltd – 1906

The picture shows three of Brentham’s founders or ‘pioneers’, as they are known – Chairman Henry Vivian, Harry C. Perry the works manager and Hubert Brampton. Later arrivals include the deputy chairman, William Hutchings, Fred Watts and Fred Litchfield, the Society’s fundraiser.




9th Annual Outing of Ealing Tenants Ltd Employees.

The Brentham Archive holds a number of related documents (click here for a list).

One such document is a prospectus dated 1906 inviting subscriptions to the Share or Loan Stock of the Society.

An advert offering houses for rent was published in the Middlesex County Times in 1912.

A Social and Educational Report for the year ended 1914 shows the Committee’s appreciation for the work in developing such a wide variety of activities centered around the Brentham Institute.

An extract of the Official Publication of the Corporation of Ealing dated 1915 describes Ealing Tenants as a “Successful Housing Society

By the mid 1930’s Ealing Tenants began to sell the houses on the open market freehold. Here is example of their advertisement. Compare with today’s prices!