Archive – Brentham’s Population


familyAt the time of the census, Sunday 2nd April 1911, Brentham was still under construction. It is estimated that there were in the region of 360 completed houses.  The census recorded 336 households and 1248 people. While some households would have been absent on the night of the census and hence not recorded, some houses would have been built but not yet occupied. There was nothing built in Denison Road, Fowlers Walk, Holyoake Walk or North View and only 3 houses in Brentham Way while Meadvale Road was only partially complete. The census recorded age, place of birth, occupation and household relationships. For a detailed analysis of the census returns click here. The addresses included are listed in the Enumerator’s Summary Booklet here

1939 – A similar exercise of the 1939 civil registration records in currently underway.

Kelly’s Directories – we hold a number of copies in the archive. For details – click here .