New to Living in Brentham

Brentham Garden Suburb is one of Ealing’s most attractive and important conservation areas.  Built in a distinctive architectural style with a semi-rural feel, there is also a strong sense of community among our residents.

“I want each of us to say not that this house is mine but this estate is ours.”

Henry Vivian, 1901. Founder of Brentham Garden Suburb.

The Labour, Co-operative, Arts and Crafts, and Garden City movements are all part of the Brentham story. The suburb was designed to a plan by the leading garden city architects Barry Parker and Raymond Unwin, with houses, mostly in the Arts and Crafts style, by George Lister Sutcliffe and Frederic Cavendish Pearson.

Living in Brentham Welcome Pack

Living in Brentham Welcome Pack

To help you get the most out of living here, the Brentham Society had created a ‘Living in Brentham’ pack which includes information relating to basic guidance for planning and conservation, tips for keeping your house in good shape and the calendar of events on offer for residents.

Request your  copy of this ‘Living in Brentham’ welcome pack via our Contact Form