Archive – List of coloured Architects’ Plans

Where underlined click to see a copy

Brentham Way  79-11(o);  13-15(o)17-19(o);  51-65(o), [56-70(e)]; 67-73(o)

Brunswick Road 3-5(o)

Denison Road 10-20(e), [9-19(o)]; 22-32(e), [21-31(o)]; 34-44(e)

Fowlers Walk 50,52,52a; 54-62(e); 64-66(e); 53-67(o); 69-79(o); 85-93(o); 95-105(o); 107-115(o); 117-121(o); 123-125(o)

Holyoake Walk 1-3(o); 31-37(o); 26-28(e); 30-36(e)

Meadvale Road  40-50(e); 52-54(e); 56-64(e); 66-78(e); 80-90(e)

North View 14-22(e)


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