Changes to your property

What changes need a planning application?

Almost any change to the outside of your property, including the back and sides, will need planning consent before you start work. These include:

  • Changing or replacing windows and external doors
  • Building an extension
  • Creating a room in the roof with a dormer window or rooflights
  • Installing satellite dishes
  • Replacing rendering previously unrendered walls.
  • Changing the colour of paintwork on windows and walls, except for the front door and front gate
  • Painting previously unpainted external walls, whether brickwork or roughcast/render.
  • Renewing roof tiles
  • Removing a chimney stack or altering its height or appearance
  •  Installing or significantly altering any external pipework, including drainage and gas pipes.
  • Installing a new external flue, vent or air conditioning unit
  • Demolishing of any part of the property.
  •  Making  hard standing or hard surfacing or a means of access (front path).
  • Putting up or replacing a fence, wall or gate.
  • Erecting sheds, garden rooms or workshops.
  • Cutting down or pruning of a tree, including cutting down a fruit tree (Notice of Tree Works).

This is not a definitive list – if in doubt please ask!

It may seem a bit daunting , but the need for planning consent from Ealing Council is there to eliminate the risk of inappropriate alterations and to ensure that change is managed to preserve the character of Brentham for all its the residents and for future generations.

Guidance for making a planning application is available from Ealing Council. The form for making a planning application on-line. Allow a minimum of 8 weeks from the date of application to notification of a decision. Applications are more likely to have a smooth passage through the system if advice has been sought at the pre-application stage and if they demonstrate an understanding of Brentham architecture. Some practical help with making changes can be found here.

If changes are made without prior planning consent, Ealing Council has the power to make you re-instate the original features at your own cost, so it is well worth taking advice before any work commences.