How to get advice

How do I get advice?

If you are thinking making any changes, you should consider taking advice first. Members of the Brentham Planning and Conservation Advice Group, are happy to discuss what might be possible for your house before a planning application is submitted. They can help with Brentham design details and give information on suitable materials. For enquiries and advice e-mail It is helpful if you give the address, as individual houses have different characteristics, which can affect the changes that can be made.

The Brentham Society is also able to put you in touch with local craftsmen who have experience of working  in Brentham. Please use the e-mail above if you would like to talk about this.

You can also get pre-application advice from Planning Services at Ealing Council – telephone 020 8825 6600 but make sure that the Planning Officer understands you live in the Brentham Estate Conservation Area, which has an Article 4 Direction.

4 Responses to How to get advice

  1. Margaret Lloyd says:


    I am assuming planning permission for a small back garden glass conservatory is

    Has planning permission ever been given for a conservatory in the Brentham Garden Conservation Area.

    Thank you’
    Margaret. L

    Glass conservatory.

  2. Hall K says:

    Does moving your electricity meter require planning permission bearing in mind several houses on the Brentham Estate already have them?

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