Brentham Celebrates VE Day 75 Years On


This Friday 8th May is worth celebrating: it’s the 75th anniversary of VE Day and it’s the start of a Bank Holiday weekend. We’re living through rather different times at the moment but perhaps we need cheering up now more than ever.

Individual streets may be organising their own celebrations (socially-distanced of course) but if you have bunting lurking in a drawer somewhere, or can get your children to help make some, please put it out in your front garden – ideally before the Thursday 8pm clap for key workers – and let’s have A BRIGHTER BRENTHAM!

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3 Responses to Brentham Celebrates VE Day 75 Years On

  1. CPE Evans says:

    If we put up the bunting on Thursday, that will make the weekly clap a bit special.

  2. sueonwriting says:

    I’ll be putting mine out on Thursday!

  3. My bunting is ready and waiting.

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