May Day Parade and Open Day at The Brentham Club

Saturday 12th May sees the annual May Day parade round the Brentham estate. A wonderful tradition dating back over 100 years. Come along and enjoy the spectacle. Parade starts at 2-30pm.

While in the vicinity why not drop in to the Brentham Club and try your hand at or watch one of the many sporting activities available. The Top Bar and terrace will be open from 12 midday. Club information and tours of the Grade II listed building will be available on request – everyone welcome.


For more on May Day click here

For more on The Brentham Club click here

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Brentham Society Annual General Meeting

The  Annual General Meeting of The Brentham Society for the year ending August 2017 will be held at The Brentham Club on Thursday 15th March at 8pm.

There will be a talk by Kew Gardens’ Mary Done on “The History of Kew Gardens” followed by a review of the year and plans for the coming year.

All Brentham Society members are encouraged to attend to voice their views on issues affecting Brentham.

Refreshments will be served.

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Windows Report

The Brentham Society Committee has posted on the website its report on window renovation. The conclusions are given in the Executive Summary with Guidance for Residents in Appendix B.

The Committee will continue looking at the specifications of conservation quality double glazing units and encourage further discussion in the future.

Find a copy of the report here

Click here for some background.

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The Great Storm – 30 years ago

Brentham suffered significant damage from the storm during the night of 15th/16th October 1987.

See what residents woke up to on the morning of 16th October 1987 (30 years ago)

If you have any photos of the storm you’d like to donate to the archive contact use here


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Brentham Finds a Place in the History of Street Trees

A fascinating new book by Mark Johnson “Street Trees in Britain – A History” is an authoritative account of how trees went from being absent or random elements in the urban landscape to important components in the design of streets.

While mainly about Britain the history and influence of tree planting in other countries is included throughout.

Highly entertaining and readable it moves from ancient Egyptian avenues and the French promenades of the 17th century to the concrete landscapes of modern town development and, of course, Brentham has its own section.

This book would be enjoyed by anyone with love of history and trees so it might be a good idea to start early Christmas shopping by taking advantage of the special pre-publication offer at £29.95 – click here for more detail.

(Pre publication offer now closed)

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New Brentham Merchandise

These tea towels show images from our extensive archive. Printed on top quality Panama Cotton, hemmed on 4 sides, measuring 78 x 49 cm and priced at £6-50 each, or £20 for the set of four, they make ideal gifts.

Only available direct from The Brentham Society – contact us here



For our full range of merchandise visit our shop

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Recycling – a local scheme

Local Cafe, Cinnamon, on Pitshanger Lane has come up with a really useful idea and is recycling coffee grounds for customers to take for their gardens.

Do help yourselves, enrich your Brentham garden and at the same time support a local recycling initiative.


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Conservation under threat?

The Conservation Policies of Ealing Council are instrumental in keeping our estate looking good so it’s important for us to pay attention to how those policies are being applied in other conservation areas. A planned large development in the heart of Ealing, that many believe will be detrimental and out of scale with the town centre, is now proposed. It would be worrying for us in Brentham if the principles of conservation policy are being ignored by the Council.

Read the article from the Save Ealing Centre group.

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Council policy on replacement windows

In the Chair’s Notes in Brentham News 183, distributed to all residents in June 2015, we stated that Ealing Council would allow double glazing in certain circumstances, including where “this would make an improvement on existing windows which are in poor repair”. This statement is misleading. In practice, the Council has been approving installation of double glazing in Brentham type windows where this would replace non-Brentham type windows installed earlier, but not in existing Brentham type windows that have fallen into disrepair. In this latter instance, approval has only been given for single glazed accurate copies of original windows

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Replacement windows working group

As noted in Brentham News 183 (June 2015), the Brentham Society has set up a working group, to look at the question of whether double glazing could be installed in Brentham houses without compromising the character of the Conservation Area.

The Brentham Society recognises that there are strongly held views among some of its members in favour of and against the new Slimlite units, which to some residents appear to bring the benefits of modern technology without damaging the Brentham environment. The working group has been set up to examine this new technology, to collect reliable data about thermal efficiency, impact on the environment, likely lifetime and to compare this with the secondary glazing alternative. It is hoped that this will enable residents to make informed choices about glazing. 

The working group will also see how other conservation areas are using these new units, and consider whether they might be introduced at Brentham, perhaps in certain areas of the estate, for example. These recommendations will be considered by the Society and if appropriate, discussed with the Conservation Officer. If she agrees, then they will be used to update the Policy and Design Guide.

It is hoped that by providing reliable date and clear advice for residents, it will allow informed discussions for renewal of glazing for their houses, and reduce the need for wasted planning applications and appeals.

The working group is now in place and has had initial discussions. We will continue to keep residents up to date through the web site and in Brentham News, and hope to have some clear proposals in due course.

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