Council policy on replacement windows

In the Chair’s Notes in Brentham News 183, distributed to all residents in June 2015, we stated that Ealing Council would allow double glazing in certain circumstances, including where “this would make an improvement on existing windows which are in poor repair”. This statement is misleading. In practice, the Council has been approving installation of double glazing in Brentham type windows where this would replace non-Brentham type windows installed earlier, but not in existing Brentham type windows that have fallen into disrepair. In this latter instance, approval has only been given for single glazed accurate copies of original windows

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2 Responses to Council policy on replacement windows

  1. Gina Mallin says:

    Dear Teresa,
    Hello. Thanks for your thoughts on this issue.
    As you will have read in the new edition of Brentham News, the Brentham Society report on this topic is currently with the Council Conservation Officer for comment. Ealing Council will soon be reviewing the area plan for Brentham, and we hope that our comments will be taken into account.
    We will be monitoring the outcome of the review and reporting back.
    Best wishes,
    Gina Mallin

  2. Teresas says:

    i believe we were told that talks were in place to agree an ‘allowable’ double glazing in the Area.
    It is unbelievable that in today’s energy conscious and high energy prices the Council is still clinging on to Edwardian values of living. Today it is possible to have exactly the type of Brentham window, with the same mouldings BUT with double glazing. I think that their decision on this should be challenged and if necessary referred to the Secretary of State.
    Do you have any news of discussions that took place.

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