Replacement windows working group

As noted in Brentham News 183 (June 2015), the Brentham Society has set up a working group, to look at the question of whether double glazing could be installed in Brentham houses without compromising the character of the Conservation Area.

The Brentham Society recognises that there are strongly held views among some of its members in favour of and against the new Slimlite units, which to some residents appear to bring the benefits of modern technology without damaging the Brentham environment. The working group has been set up to examine this new technology, to collect reliable data about thermal efficiency, impact on the environment, likely lifetime and to compare this with the secondary glazing alternative. It is hoped that this will enable residents to make informed choices about glazing. 

The working group will also see how other conservation areas are using these new units, and consider whether they might be introduced at Brentham, perhaps in certain areas of the estate, for example. These recommendations will be considered by the Society and if appropriate, discussed with the Conservation Officer. If she agrees, then they will be used to update the Policy and Design Guide.

It is hoped that by providing reliable date and clear advice for residents, it will allow informed discussions for renewal of glazing for their houses, and reduce the need for wasted planning applications and appeals.

The working group is now in place and has had initial discussions. We will continue to keep residents up to date through the web site and in Brentham News, and hope to have some clear proposals in due course.

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7 Responses to Replacement windows working group

  1. Chair - Brentham Society says:

    The Brentham Society set up a working group in 2015 to look at various views on double glazing in Brentham windows, and this group has met several times. It has researched the views of other conservation societies such as Historic England and Historic Scotland as well as local residents, and is close to producing a draft proposal. Any such proposal will be debated by the Brentham Society Management Committee and if agreed further details will be announced then.

    • Chair - Brentham Society says:

      The Windows working group has completed its investigations and has prepared a report, which is currently with the Development Planning Manager at Ealing Council for comment. Once a reply has been received from her, we hope to be able to update residents more fully.

      • Teresas says:

        Please could you be kind enough to let residents have a timescale for this.

  2. Teresas says:

    I note that there is no reply from the Brentham Society regarding windows that are double glazed and that the discussions were taking place in 2015. We are now 2016, can we please know what is going on.


    • Chair - Brentham Society says:

      Thank you for your comment. The Brentham Society drafted some recommendations in February, and sent these to the Council Planning team for comment. Despite several reminders, the Council has not responded, but a meeting has now been set up in early June to discuss this and several other planning issues that have arisen in the meantime. Hopefully we will be able to report a conclusion in the near future.

  3. Pip says:

    Considering the options that have been presented by the Traditional Window & Conservatory Company already, which seem to have satisfied many residents, could the group not fairly quickly come to a conclusion on this particular item and use it as a guideline for any other companies that might wish to offer alternatives?
    It would seem a fairly quick and easy thing to make a decision on. The group could just ask to have a look at the installation in Dennison Road – which seemed quite an acceptable piece of work – and talk to Des Ward of the company to discuss any variations he has to offer, which would be acceptable to the group and which would not.
    Rapid progress would mean that there would be a firm and widely accepted set of rules for how the Society will support the installation of double glazing in the area before many different sorts of double glazing become scattered about as people go ahead anyway with no such constructive guidelines in place.
    Actually, we’re a little past that point already, so the rapid progress setting the baseline would be even more desirable.


    • Pip says:

      It is unfortunate there has been no reply to the previous message, so perhaps I could make a suggestion:
      I now have a quote for work to be done on my house. How about if the working group use this as the basis for planning how double glazing can be constructively introduced to the area? If we work together on this, find out what areas, if any, could still be improved and come to an agreement we could jointly present to the council to state that this is what has the support of the Brentham Society as a way of advancing and preserving simultaneously.
      I do hope to get a response from you soon so that we can have a united front on keeping out the detrimental sorts of double (or even single) glazing whilst allowing the growing pressure for more environmentally sound installations to have a channel.
      Let me know who to send the details through to.


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