Windows Report

The Brentham Society Committee has posted on the website its report on window renovation. The conclusions are given in the Executive Summary with Guidance for Residents in Appendix B.

The Committee will continue looking at the specifications of conservation quality double glazing units and encourage further discussion in the future.

Find a copy of the report here

Click here for some background.

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2 Responses to Windows Report

  1. David Ballard says:

    It isn’t just about economics – it’s also about comfort. In winter, Brentham houses can be very uncomfortable. Nobody who has lived in a well insulated modern house will want to move to Brentham. In the very long term, this will be a problem for the sustainability of the estate, unless the thermal properties of these houses can be greatly improved.

  2. Jim Norris (49 Meadvale) says:

    Upvc will be, ironically, the start of the rot. My daughter had replacement double glazed wooden sash windows put in her house off Northfields and they are draught proof, aesthetically pleasing and keep the heat in. Wherever I go I can spot a mock Georgian Upvc window at a hundred paces! Please keep the wood and appoint an approved supplier and fitter to the estate who will give good prices in return for being first port of call.

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